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Dancing with the Lord

Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might. –— 2 Samuel 6:14

Kurt Vonnegut says that ‘Life’s interruptions are dancing lessons from God.’  There are several stories in the Bible where people danced and celebrated before the Lord.  The story that I remember is that of King David ‘dancing before the Lord with all his might’.  He must have danced with abandon and the greatest pleasure as his wife, Michal, found his dancing not fit for a king.  How could a King of Israel dance in such a fashion before all the people?

King David’s life was full of ‘interruptions’ from God.  After all, King David spent several years in the wilderness running for his life.  King David’s ‘dancing lessons from God’ helped him understand God’s sovereignty and will.  They had a very intimate relationship and King David learned to honor and praise God in all circumstances — in very dire and very good times.

To dance with all his might was King David’s response to welcome, honor and praise the King of Kings.  He danced with abandon for his King and not for the people’s pleasure.

Perhaps the Lord is teaching me how to dance with all my might:  to live without fear but to trust in Him; to live a life that pleases Him and not others; to pursue Him all the time with a whole heart.   Shall we dance, my Lord?

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Who Dares to Touch?

For she thought, “If I just touch His garments, I will get well.”     Mark 5:28


There are many women whose past has defined their lives for the longest time.  Fears, insecurities, hurt, dashed hope envelope them and eclipse the present life and any hope on the horizon.  I was such a woman. 

Past heartaches, frustration and failure pushed me into a dark, solitary cell.  Scared of getting hurt with the possibility of drowning in frustration, I did not dare to voice my dreams and I did not have the courage to ask for help.  Rather than getting my hopes up to surely have it shattered, I settled to stay near the bottom of the pit so the fall from hope would not hurt as much.  My dark cell was my world and my spirit was chained to it.

It took some time before I met the Lord.  Friends told me about Jesus and His forgiveness and everlasting love, but He seemed too good to be true.  Questions bounced between my heart and mind “Is He for real? Would He really do this for me?  Maybe He is no different from all the others”.  I was very skeptical but there was also the faintest throb of hope.  A small seed of hope buried deep inside that was almost imperceptible.  I dared to hope — but not too much and half expecting to be denied my prayer.  But the Lord is full of grace and overflowing with mercy.  Just like the bleeding woman when she touched His robe, I tentatively touched His robe and immediately knew that a miracle happened. 

In Mark 5, while in the middle of a throng, Jesus asked “Who touched my robe?”  It was not that He did not know who touched Him.  He certainly knew who it was.  He asked because He wanted the bleeding woman to know that He is aware of her and more importantly, that He sees her and cares for her.  I could only imagine the nervousness of the woman as she slowly looked at the Messiah and felt His tender love for her.  His words must have been a soothing balm that washed over her.  And oh, the joy and ecstasy she must have felt!

As with the bleeding woman, I did not want to stand out from the crowd but nervously and hopefully touched His robe.  He did not ask who I was, but did something more — He took my hands, lifted me from my dark cell and brought me into His bright, brave world.  He saw me and knew me; and He has not ceased looking after me. 

I asked for little and hoped for less, but the Lord gave much, much more.  Without judgment, without hesitation, the Lord gave abundantly.  I with my fears, the bleeding woman in the Bible, you with the debilitating sickness, you with the broken dream and you without hope — we could put our trust in the Lord and we could dare to put our hope in Him for He knows you and sees you.  Won’t you follow and touch even just His robe?

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Holding Your Breath

My soul, wait in silence for God only,

For my hope is from Him. – – – Psalms 62:5

Waiting is so arduous. Your whole body is engaged in the waiting. Your mind churns with possibilities, outcomes and tangents. Your body is unable to rest for it is all wind-up and ready to spring into action when the whistle blows. Your heart is gnawed with worry, your nails bitten off, your lack-luster hair covering the floor and your eyes resemble those of raccoons and pandas. It is like holding your breath under water for as long as you can — minus the H2O.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to anxiously wait. We don’t have to wait all by ourselves. We don’t have to be boxed-in by invisible walls feeling desperate.

Waiting is never comfortable, but it could be serene and restful. That is, if we do our waiting on God and not wait on people or our circumstance. We have to stop looking down and around us and start looking up. Up is where our King of Kings is and He has His eyes upon us. He longs to hear from His children, for us to cast our burdens on Him to free us from the weight of worry. He patiently listens to our cries and moans and even before we are done, He answers us.

He answers us by giving us what we need for the moment: courage, hope and peace. We have courage in the waiting for the Everlasting Father is always with us and goes before us. We have hope in the waiting for we are assured that nothing is too difficult or too small for the God of the whole earth. We have peace in the waiting for the Savior’s love for us knows no bounds.

Waiting on God is walking hand in hand with the Beloved. It is seating at the feet of the Holy One and resting on His word. Waiting on God is experiencing the kindness and gentleness of The Shepherd as He nurtures us in our bleak moments. Waiting on God is knowing that deliverance is at hand and witnessing His miracles in the every day.