The CHRISTmas Story

Christmas 2003: The Nativity


There was a man named Joseph

And the woman he loved named Mary.

Now Joseph loved Mary.

But more than Mary, Joseph loved God.

Now Mary loved Joseph.

But more than Joseph, Mary loved God.

God loved Joseph.  God loved Mary.

God loves everyone, old and young,

Big and small, stout and thin,

God loves us all.


God saw Mary, in His eyes precious,

And chose Mary to bear His Son, Jesus.

God sent His angel, Gabriel,

To tell Mary:

“Mary, God’s favored one!  Chosen by God

To be bearer of God’s perfect Son!”

“Oh, how wonderful to be,

God’s favored one and be

Bearer to His perfect Son, Jesus!”  said Mary

God saw Joseph, strong and brave, and honest

Joseph, to care for Jesus, His Son, His promised.

God sent His angel, Gabriel,

To tell Joseph:

“Joseph, trusted by God!  Be strong, brave and true!

Care for Mary and my Son, Jesus!”

“Strong and brave I will be,

To obey my loving God and be

Husband to Mary and foster-father to Jesus!”  said Joseph


Brave Joseph and kind Mary,

Happy, happy as two people can be,

Loved God and loved each other

And accepted God’s word to be Jesus’ father and mother.

They left Galilee and travelled to Bethlehem,

Brave Joseph leading and walking,

Mary with child, on a donkey, sitting.

They travelled up, they travelled down

They turned left, they turned right

Straight on until Mary frowned.

“Joseph, it’s time”, Mary said.

“Uh-oh”, Joseph said.

And Joseph looked for a room to rest

But no room could he find for a nest.

“There is the manger,” an innkeeper offered.

Donkeys, cows, lambs and ewes, all in a corner, rested.

“It will do” said Mary.

“It will have to do” said Joseph.


Meanwhile, far away in the East,

Wise men called Magi , one night saw

In the evening sky, a star all aglow.

“Hmm, what a bright star!” said one wise man.

“Hmm, what a VERY bright star!” said the other wise man.

“Hmm, what a VERY, VERY bright star!” said the third wise man.

“Hmm, that star shines for a King!” said the first wise man.

“Hmm, that star shines for the King of Kings!” said the second wise man.

“Hmm, then we should welcome the King of Kings!” said the third wise man.

And so they travelled, day and night

Following the star, shining oh, so bright.

Not turning, no resting, no stopping,

Eager to see the mightiest of all Kings.

On they travelled through rain and sun,

Through forest and the desert sand.

Until the star stopped and still,

In Bethlehem, hung over a manger scene.


Meanwhile, out in the open fields,

While lambs and their shepherds lay resting,

Glorious angels appeared singing:

“Good news, great joy! Today a Savior is born!

Jesus, Messiah, Immanuel, God’s very own.

Prince of Peace, King of Kings, born as man,

God’s love and redemption all rolled in One.”

Full of wonder, the shepherds rushed to see,

In a manger, Joseph and baby Jesus on Mary’s knee.

Jesus, Savior, Messiah, the Son of God,

Born as man to save the world.

“Glory to God, for we have seen our Savior!

The Promised One, come to save the world!” said the shepherds.

The wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus, gold, incense and myrrh.

“Not enough gifts did we bring!” said the first wise man.

“Not enough for the Prince of Peace!” said the second wise man.

“But NOTHING is fit for the King of Kings!” said the third wise man.

For the BEST gift, God already gave,

His Son Jesus, our Savior and Mighty King.


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