Reflections on the Lord


I will always want.

Want for a bigger house.

Want for a nice car.

Want to travel to far-off places.

Want to achieve greater things.

But only one want is essential.

Want to be content in You, Lord.


I have such lofty dreams that some seem unattainable.

But lofty as they may seem, all these pale in comparison to the dream God has for me.


Shall I get upset with the Lord for not giving me what I have been praying for?  Shall I count the good I’ve done in His name?  Shall I pull-out my score card for Him to remember?

Heaven forbid!  Remove the scales from my eyes that I may see Your ever-present goodness.  Pierce my heart and deflate my pride that has taken root.  Let Your truth shine in the darkest corners of my mind that I may fathom even a fraction of Your great love for me.


I struggle because I have been yearning for an ordinary life — a life of simplicity  and tranquility.  But not an ordinary life does the Lord give me.   A life of heartbreaks, difficult people, series of struggles and doubt has been my lot.  An extra-ordinary life!  And I wonder why.

Perhaps — perhaps, that I may experience His extra-ordinary peace that encompasses all understanding.  Perhaps, that I may be a channel of His extra-ordinary grace to minister to people.  Perhaps, to gain wisdom. And perhaps, to experience Him lift me up when I grow weary.

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