Dancing with the Lord

Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might. –— 2 Samuel 6:14

Kurt Vonnegut says that ‘Life’s interruptions are dancing lessons from God.’  There are several stories in the Bible where people danced and celebrated before the Lord.  The story that I remember is that of King David ‘dancing before the Lord with all his might’.  He must have danced with abandon and the greatest pleasure as his wife, Michal, found his dancing not fit for a king.  How could a King of Israel dance in such a fashion before all the people?

King David’s life was full of ‘interruptions’ from God.  After all, King David spent several years in the wilderness running for his life.  King David’s ‘dancing lessons from God’ helped him understand God’s sovereignty and will.  They had a very intimate relationship and King David learned to honor and praise God in all circumstances — in very dire and very good times.

To dance with all his might was King David’s response to welcome, honor and praise the King of Kings.  He danced with abandon for his King and not for the people’s pleasure.

Perhaps the Lord is teaching me how to dance with all my might:  to live without fear but to trust in Him; to live a life that pleases Him and not others; to pursue Him all the time with a whole heart.   Shall we dance, my Lord?


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