Holding Your Breath

My soul, wait in silence for God only,

For my hope is from Him. – – – Psalms 62:5

Waiting is so arduous. Your whole body is engaged in the waiting. Your mind churns with possibilities, outcomes and tangents. Your body is unable to rest for it is all wind-up and ready to spring into action when the whistle blows. Your heart is gnawed with worry, your nails bitten off, your lack-luster hair covering the floor and your eyes resemble those of raccoons and pandas. It is like holding your breath under water for as long as you can — minus the H2O.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to anxiously wait. We don’t have to wait all by ourselves. We don’t have to be boxed-in by invisible walls feeling desperate.

Waiting is never comfortable, but it could be serene and restful. That is, if we do our waiting on God and not wait on people or our circumstance. We have to stop looking down and around us and start looking up. Up is where our King of Kings is and He has His eyes upon us. He longs to hear from His children, for us to cast our burdens on Him to free us from the weight of worry. He patiently listens to our cries and moans and even before we are done, He answers us.

He answers us by giving us what we need for the moment: courage, hope and peace. We have courage in the waiting for the Everlasting Father is always with us and goes before us. We have hope in the waiting for we are assured that nothing is too difficult or too small for the God of the whole earth. We have peace in the waiting for the Savior’s love for us knows no bounds.

Waiting on God is walking hand in hand with the Beloved. It is seating at the feet of the Holy One and resting on His word. Waiting on God is experiencing the kindness and gentleness of The Shepherd as He nurtures us in our bleak moments. Waiting on God is knowing that deliverance is at hand and witnessing His miracles in the every day.

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