This Passing Season

So teach us to number our days,

That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.     — Psalm 90:12

How many hours have I wasted watching television or dawdled in social media sites rather than reading God’s Word?  How many minutes have I spent gossiping rather than encouraging someone?  How much energy have I squandered with my anger rather than going down on my knees in prayer?  How many times have I made excuses for pursuing worldly dreams rather than pursuing God’s agenda?  Three-fourths of the year has gone by and what have I to show my Maker?

Nothing much and nothing to be proud of:  a heart with shades of anger and bitterness, slow to accept correction and learn God’s lessons, procrastinating on God’s clear directions for fear of failure and rejection.  A professed child of God consumed with the tyranny of daily life to accept Christ’s invitation to walk with Him.

How many more days are left for me, I wonder?  How many more minutes left for me to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you” to those who need to hear it?  How many more seasons for me to help a friend or share His word with someone?  How much strength is left in my body to pray?  How many more breathes to take before I breathe my last, how many more nights before I finally close my eyes?  If I were to meet my Maker today, what would He see in me?  How would I account for the gifts and blessings, the doors of opportunity, the entrusted souls, the wasted time, His precious Word?  Will I cry for joy at meeting my Savior who has given me everything?  Or will I cry for shame for being a poor steward?

Let this be the start of a new day, a recommitment to my Father:  to meet the sunrise meditating on His word, to fill the hours conversing with Him and to close the day with thanksgiving and praise.  Let me mark the passing of time not with my accomplishments but with the Lord’s goodness and grace, His daily, wondrous miracles.

2 thoughts on “This Passing Season”

  1. This is such a profound, simple and much needed message. I pray that it gets to everyone who needs to read it! Thank you and blessings to you.

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