A Day With the Lord

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burdens, the God who is our salvation.  — Psalms 68:19

Morning breaks and darkness flees.  His mercy pours in, flooding the heart with grace.  Just like the light that fills the room, soft, tender and growing brighter and stronger.  Let Jesus’ strength stretch your bones and muscles.  Let His courage lift you out of bed and into the day’s roaring tide.  Lift your arms and surrender to the Creator who knows every beat of your heart.  Surrender and let His words clean you, let His truths clothe and arm you.

Face the day with joy, enter life overflowing with His peace, the peace that is given only to His trusting, obedient children.  Walk, run, skip, jump and sprint through the hours.  Your Banner walks, runs, skips, jumps and sprints alongside you and even before you.  It is His honor to carry your burdens.

As the day closes and evening slowly descends, surrender and give thanks to the One who sustains you.  Recall the moments that He led you, of the burdens He carried for you, of His accomplishments shared with you.  As night embraces you in its darkness, sing a praise of joy and thanksgiving.  Sleep in peace, assured that His faithfulness knows no bounds and His mercies never ceases.


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