What Then?

But what will you do at the end of it?                                                     

                                — Jeremiah 5:31

When all is said and done,

When life has reached its pinnacle,

And strength depleted, stretched and exhausted,

When all the pleasures to be had have been tasted,

When the senses have been enticed and satisfied,

When all the riches hoarded lay gathering dust,

And power wielded has warped the mind and heart.

When the trumpets have been sounded,

And heavenly heralds sent out,

When the Alpha and Omega comes a-calling,

When with empty hands and unshod feet we stand,

And naked we appear before the Judge.

When finally we are asked to account gifts given,

When the life spent is re-wound and played,

When no excuse or lie or pride suffice,

Where will we be found, you and I?


One response to “What Then?

  1. only by God’s grace, i say with confidence… “I will be found in only Christ!”. thanks for this post, Vera. it reminded me to live not only in the light of eternity, but more importantly, in the light of The Eternal.

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