Keep Going

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary. — Galatians 6:9

One of my favorite modern-day cartoon characters is a blue fish named Dory from the animated movie, “Finding Nemo”.  Whenever Marlin, the distraught father of Nemo, gets discouraged, Dory would simply go “Keep on going, keep on going, keep on going” in a sing-song voice.  This irked Marlin no end, but come to think about it, Dory had unwavering faith and giving up was not an option.  My dear friend and mentor reminded me of this at a crucial time in my life a few years ago.  She reminded me to look to Galatians 6:9 and ‘not to lose heart.’

‘To not lose heart in doing good’ once again came to mind as I was briefly discouraged with sharing the Gospel with my family.  I have been praying for my family’s salvation for the past several years but not making any headway.   I’ve shared the Good News with them and some have attended our Church’s retreat and Sunday service, yet they have not accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.  They know about God and Jesus’ passion on the cross but do not know God personally and intimately.  There have been times that I cried to the Lord and wanted to give up.

But then I would hear stories about other believers whose family come to know Christ after half a lifetime of praying and interceding for them.    In a country where Bible believing Christians is a minority, some pastors have shared how a parent would accept Christ minutes before facing our Creator.  Their stories as well as that of other believers who share the same struggle, encourage me to press on — to not lose heart and keep on praying for my unbelieving family, to not lose heart and keep on witnessing God’s truth, to not lose heart and keep on sharing God’s goodness and faithfulness; and to not lose heart and keep on asking the Lord that I be channel of His blessing to my family and others.  To not lose heart and keep on going, keep on going . . .

The need to share the Good News has become more pressing as a new generation has arrived with little, cuddly nieces and nephews.  I am excited to introduce God to them.  I eagerly anticipate the time when I could read the Bible to them and with them.  In my mind, I have already chosen stories that tell of God’s miracles and great love.  I am eager for them to meet the great heroes of the Bible and be awed by God’s power.  But besides their being mere babies, there is the vast ocean that separate us.  So for now, the only ‘good’ thing that I could do is to pray for them and my family.  And if praying is the only good that I could do for the moment, then, I will gladly bend my knees, bow my head and humbly ask the Lord to open their hearts and minds to His truth and that there would soon be opportunities for me to lead the little ones to Him.  And to not lose heart and keep on going, keep on going, keep on going . . . for as our Mighty God faithfully and lovingly promises, ‘in due time we will reap’.


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