People of Peace

For they have refreshed my spirit and yours.  — 1 Corinthians 16:18

There are people, who, by their mere presence evoke peace.  No words, no grand entrance, no flashy attire, no entourage, no dramatic gestures.  Instead, they cloak themselves with humility, their eyes brim with understanding and on their lips a tenderness ready to break into a smile.  There is grace in their movement and confidence in their bearing.  When they enter a room,  peace emanates from them like a candle radiates light in a darkened room.  When they speak, their few words are well-chosen, yet goes to the core of the matter.  In their company, you are infected with their joy and you have peace in your soul.

I know of such men and women of peace.  They do not let troubles dampen their spirit and their words flow with gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus.  They have a different perspective than most people.  Where ordinary people such as I see setbacks and problems, they see opportunities to experience God’s miracles and strength and rejoice in the hope ahead.  Whereas others and I scamper about like busy-bees to complete something, they spend more time in prayer on their knees before acting — and they achieve more work.  Where I would find fault with someone and let slip a criticism or two, they have gratitude and speak of the good in the person.   They see people as Jesus sees them, as lost sheep that Jesus died for.

People of peace are ALWAYS in the presence of our holy God.  They not merely practice being in His presence, they know they are in His presence!  Truthfully, I struggle at practicing being in His presence.  With every good intention I start every morning only to lose it within an hour or two.  For men and women of peace, their every action, word and decision is based on the word of God and could be traced to the Bible.  It’s not the memorization but the application that is admirable.

In Matthew 5:9 the Lord says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

Oh, that I would be a peacemaker and be called a son of God!  That is most unlikely to happen anytime soon.  But for now, I would like to strive to be in His presence all the time and know His peace.


3 responses to “People of Peace

  1. Continue to walk in step with the Spirit dear Aya… We are seated with God in the heavenly places says in Ephesians. We are literally in God’s presence all the time. I guess it’s just us who drift away or do not fix our eyes on Jesus… Press on 🙂

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