Tired and Out

Reference:  Luke 5:5-6

 “… we worked hard all night and didn’t catch a thing.  But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.”  And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear.


Peter had no reason to lower the nets again after a long night’s work.  He must have been frustrated, tired and worried for not having a catch.  Jesus’ suggestion was absurd; no reason for him to follow.  There was no catch the whole night, so what would be different now?  But Peter still lowered the nets, not expecting much.  Then it happened.  The nets started getting heavier and heavier until it was bursting with fish.

I know how Peter felt about working all night and not bringing home a catch.  Wasted time, wasted effort.  It’s the same way with me.  I work hard day in and day out but the results still fall short of my expectation.  I get grumpy with people around me and the worst part is, my family gets the brunt of it.   I get tired.  I get frustrated.  I worry about periodic evaluations and key performance levels.  I worry about finances and my future.  Did I mention I get tired?

When Jesus came up to Peter, He suggested that Peter go to deeper water and lower the net one more time.  If I were Peter, I probably would not have had the energy to go into the boat again and row a distance just to humor this good teacher they call Jesus.  But Peter did.  He got into his boat again, rowed some distance and let down the nets.  Soon after, the nets were filled with fish.  Only then did Peter experience the miracle and know Jesus call him “Lord”.

We start the day with blessing and much hope.  It only takes a few hours before we’re up to our necks drowning in work or lost in the hundreds of things to do.  At the end of the day, we’re worn out.  Tomorrow is another cycle.  How do you break the cycle?

We could take our cue from Peter.  He listened and obeyed Jesus.  In this age where everything is at our fingertips, it takes much for us to really ‘listen’.  Peter was washing his nets when Jesus called to him; he was preparing to rest and was probably looking forward to it.  Perhaps it was that Peter’s mind was at rest that he readily agreed to Jesus’ suggestion, even if the suggestion sounded so absurd.  We need time to rest our minds and body, to refresh our souls.  We desperately need to spend some quiet time with our Lord, where we can read His word, cry and pour our troubles to Him and more importantly, to listen to Him.  Remember Elijah?  He sought God but he didn’t find Him in the roaring wind, in the earthquake or fire, but in a gentle whisper (1 Kings 19).  How could we hear our Lord when we bombard ourselves with music, noise and chatter?

Then, as we hear our Lord could we move according to His leading.  Not before, but after listening to our Lord.  His leading may bring us to deeper water — whether to a more delicate circumstance, difficult or overwhelming situation — but as He leads us, there is the assurance of His promises and miracles.  Just as Pete experienced a miracle, we could expect His mighty work in our life.

Published as “Down & Out:  Casting the Net One More Time” in:  www.revelife.com; 24 Aug 2012


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