The Little That You Have

Old Wall, Swinklebank Crag Above the crags jus...

Old Wall, Swinklebank Crag Above the crags just under the ridge summit. On the edge of the Lakeland fells the mountain views north and west contrast sharply with the sweeping moorland to the east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reference: Mark 6:33-44


The disciples just got back from a short missionary journey where they taught the people about repentance and forgiveness.  Empowered by Jesus, they healed the sick and casted out evil spirits.  Great works of miracles that revived the faith of people in God and sought to know more about the man they call Jesus.  The disciples must have been tired but elated at what they accomplished and experienced.

Returning from their journey, they spent some refreshing time with Jesus and were soon faced with the problem of feeding more than 5,000 men, women and children.  They grew anxious and could not comprehend how they could feed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  Though they were able to heal the sick and cast out evil spirits, they could not understand the power Jesus gave them is able to do mighty things.

The disciples may have imagined that it was they that healed the sick and cast out the evil spirits.  Or they may have imagined that the power Jesus gave them is limited to healing and casting out demons.  Either way, the disciples narrowed their vision based on their limitation, their weaknesses.  It was beyond their comprehension that Jesus’ healing power is able to do mightier and greater miracles.

Just like the disciples, I tend to compartmentalize Jesus Christ.  He is my Savior, but not my Lord in the daily grind of life.  Faced with difficult superiors in my job or in the crux of great financial need, I rely on myself and work myself to exhaustion.  After years of yearning and striving, and my dreams still have not been realized, I doubt God’s care for me.  When my heart was in great pain over the death of someone very dear, I began to despair.  I am very much like the disciples who focused on themselves and their limitations.  I failed to see that it was Jesus, who, after so many doors slamming in my face, opened the door to a work that was the best fit for me — with compensation and benefits more than I expected.  When anxious that I was losing a rented home and couldn’t find a reasonably priced one, it was Jesus who led me to bump into an old acquaintance who was renting out houses — in a very safe and peaceful community.  I also forgot that it was God who gave me that beautiful gift of friendship and that He would again enable me to form new bonds of relationships.

The Lord wants us to focus on Him and not our weaknesses.  He want to be with us — in the middle of our lives.  He wants us secure and at peace, not anxious.  He wants us to reach our full potential and not settle for good or better.  He wants us doing meaningful things rather than tiring ourselves to the bone with no time for Him, family and friends.

I fail to let Jesus be Lord of my life.  But when I do, He performs miracles and wonders that amaze me and those around me.  So, what skills, talent or possessions — 5 loaves and 2 fish — would you surrender for the Lord to bless?

Do you have a story or comment to share?  Your comments would be much appreciated!


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